Social repositories (web 2.0)

  • Social repositories are collections of authentic materials created by the users and posts to share sites web 2.0 , with online applications that allow you to tag, rate and comment on these materials: images , sound files or video , documents , news , comics , presentations and collections of favorites in the network .
  • These sites have their own search engines and RSS update facilities. It also facilitates the insertion of the creations in blogs, wikis or other websites.
  • The social bookmarking tagging by content allows the creation of folksonomies . Services building collections of favorites such as or Reddit , which can be accessed from any computer, are a useful tool for classifying content and share materials or locate others through labels assigned other collectionsexternal image elektrische-zigarette.gif.



Site where users put video creations with content labels. Users can comment and rate videos or to copy the code to insert is provided with auto-run player on a website. Acquired by Google, which has its own hosting service and video search, Google Video
The creation of short videos gives students the opportunity to be creative and practice their oral skills and script writing, either on their own presentations or any topic they are working, whose recording can be shared interactivelyexternal image kaffeemaschinemieten.gif.
Video Similar services are:








It is the most popular place to host and share images, whose content labeling facilitates your search. Educational activities can be created using these huge banks of images that make it easier for students to have a better identification of the cultures of the countries whose language they are learning.mikrowelle



Service creation and hosting podcasts , digital audio files, usually in MP3 format, which can be inserted into a website for your listening, emailed or downloaded to a portable device. We may also subscribe via RSS to receive new recordings of the users select.


Another popular site is podcasting an extensive collection of MP3 files, over 3 million.



Site where you can store presentations in. Ppt ( Powerpoint ) or. opd ( Open Office ). As with the videos of YouTube , it provides a code to insert the presentations on web sites. We seek submissions that we care about titles or tags content and authorsexternal image lueftersteuerungsoftware.gif.



Popular site where you vote and share news and content.



Collection of documents in a variety of formats (pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, ...) created by users, with the corresponding services of such sites.



Allows creation and hosting of comics, with the usual search services, comments, labeling, mailing and insertion code for websites.